On the Road Again

Tomorrow I am leaving Las Cruces and heading up to Roswell, NM. Considering my love of science fiction and interest in space and aliens and conspiracies, it seemed a shame to leave NM without visiting, even though I know it will be cheesy and tourist-y. Still, it should be fun. After I spend a couple of hours there, I will be camping at the Bottomless Lakes State Park for at least one night, but very possibly two nights. I am really looking forward to the quiet and the outdoors and the lack of internet and distractions. I expect to take some pics, do a bit of hiking around the lakes, finish Anethem and do some of my own writing. After that I’ll be going over to Texas, definitely hitting Dallas, possibly hitting Austin as well to visit an old high school friend. Then to Maryland to visit Lightly Organized Chaos for a day or two as well as a few other friends. Then I’ll get my ass up to Rhode Island and start looking for work, a place to live, some creative challenges and begin starting my business.

On this day..