Leaving Las Cruces – Conclusions

In my play, “Going Out” I wrote

The dream/true transition tends to . . . fuck things up. Sometimes. Don’t you think?

Now, that transition between dreams and actuality does not necessarily lead to fucking things up, but it is a transition and no passage, no journey is ever the same as the plans for that passage or journey. The map is not the territory. As humans, we must have our dreams and aspirations. For me, for some time, it was moving to the Southwest, to New Mexico and being near Spaceport America because of just how cool I think it as that we are building a frakin’ spaceport! While the territory may not have been what I hoped for expected, the journey here has been a positive one, giving me time to reflect and consider my life and my options. While I didn’t exactly go on a spirit-quest in the desert guided by peyote and the ancestors, the past couple of months have still proven invaluable to my sense of direction and purpose. I make the choice to move back east, and back to Rhode Island in particular, with a clear sense of where I want to go and what I want to accomplish. While the going and the accomplishing may be difficult, and my new maps may not always match my new territories, it looks to me like an invigorating and enjoyable trail ahead.

Wish me luck.

And thanks to everyone for listening, for your thoughts and advice, and for your support. You rock!

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