Miscellaneous NON-Political Odds And Ends

I’ve been an a political kick the last couple of weeks what with all the convention folderol and elephant dung-slinging that’s been going on. But there are other parts to my life . . . like being a geek. Here’s my current desktop arrangement:

Picture 1.png

(GeekTool is showing my current iTunes song, the background is “Surreal wallpaper 2” by ltripley, and my dock customization came from Superdock site.)


I’m doing a lot of reading on my iPhone these days, as it has replaced my old Toshiba e755 (which gave up the ghost about a month before leaving NYC. I’ve been using two programs for this. Stanza and eReader.





Now, I know that some people can’t imagine reading books on a screen, much less a small screen like an iPhone, but I have gotten used to it and while I will probably buy the actual physical book of Anathem, for my “light” reading, the screen has become almost transparent to me and I can easily find myself engrossed in the book itself. eReader is a commercial site, although they will allow you to upload content to your bookshelf on their site and then sync that with your iPhone, while Stanza works with a desktop program to convert a large number of file types and then do a wireless sync over a wi-fi network. Stanza is the more flexible of the two, especially if you have a library of ebooks in different formats, but if you want to do right by authors and pay for your ebooks–although with the recognition that drm is involved–eReader has a large selection and their iPhone reader is top notch.

Both programs are free.


500 Words for 50 Days Update:

I’m 20 days into this challenge and I have missed my 500 mark twice: once I didn’t quite make 500 words and the other time I didn’t write anything. That was a day after major insomnia and I hadn’t slept until after 6 am and the whole day moved like thick molasses for me. The good news is that I’m regularly exceeding my word count.


This is my new homepage for my browser.


The Clogs are one of my new, most favorite bands (along with the Rachel’s).


Oh, and I’m moving back to Rhode Island in a couple of weeks.

On this day..

2 thoughts on “Miscellaneous NON-Political Odds And Ends

  1. Hi Peter,

    Congrats on this decision! I know that you took some time arriving at this and I commend you for having the maturity to go… and come back.

    Hope to see you soon- Soo

  2. Thanks Soo, I feel good about the decision and certainly don’t see coming out here as a mistake at all. More like a kind of “walkabout” that helped clarify my desires and plans for the next 5 to 10 years, as well as how I might best accomplish my artistic goals.

    It’ll be good to be closer to the growing Bolster brood as well! 😉

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