Monster Muffins in Rhode Island

Sitting in Dave’s Coffee in Charlestown RI, right off route 1. Some light jazz playing in a funky and laid back atmosphere, and I’m finishing a “monster muffin” – which is damn big and was still warm and the raspberry is all gooey and red and sticky and the iced coffee is good, approaching very good. Except to buy a duffel bag for the trip, it’s the first I’ve left my parent’s house since we unpacked the minivan with all my crap (well, all my crap minus a bunch I ended up giving away or leaving in the Brooklyn apt). The last few days have been difficult and I’ve been in a bit of a funk and spending my time mostly reading or playing around on my new iPhone. Thursday evening I introduced my folks to the new Battlestar Galactica and we watched the mini-series – we will probably watch a couple episodes of the new series Sunday and I’m hoping to get them hooked enough to watch the rest of the series without me.

I did, however, manage to ride my dad’s stationary bike for about 30 minutes yesterday morning and am trying to get back into the habit of morning crunches & push-ups. I drew up a list of things to do today, which include getting halfway through rewrites for my horror story “Subway Voices” and writing a script for a new episode of Letters to Lost Friends which I’ll record tonight. I’m hoping that I’ll feel better after having done some work.

The next few weeks are going to be challenging, especially when it comes to getting some writing done. I generally don’t do all that well with living in a physically liminal space and like to have a space that I can call my own, that I can form to my own fit. But the next several weeks I’ll be sleeping in others homes or on the road and have no place to call my own. Not having a home, my own home, scares me – almost as much as the dawning realization of the magnitude of what I have chosen to do by going to a place I’ve never really been before, with no support system but my own skills and talents and brains and (hopefully) courage. I hope that I will use the next couple of weeks to learn how to carve out the necessities of my own space, even when staying with friends or family.

Oh, and by the way, once more with feeling: go watch Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog!

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