Lore Tells The Truth Once Again

Alt Text: Secrets of the 7 Basic Blog Posts

According to some people, there are only 36 basic story plots that just get reused. Others say there are merely 20. Some people even say there’s only one plot, but they probably just watch too many Michael Bay movies. I like the theory that there are only seven plots. It’s a nice round number, and the plots are vague enough that you can shoehorn anything from Citizen Kane to a cereal commercial into them. In the spirit of oversimplifying things so that you can smugly shove human endeavors into pre-labeled slots, I’d like to present my own, contemporary take on this premise: the Seven Basic Blog Posts.

Go, read, recognize the truth of our sad, self-referential virtual existence. Then laugh, and link to it on your own blog!

You’ll feel better, I promise.

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