Hillary Clinton Supporters Do Not Vote McCain

Umm . . .

They’re mad as hell, and Hillary Clinton’s supporters aren’t going to take it anymore.

Some Clintonites are so mad about Barack Obama’s Tuesday victory that they’ve launched a web site to build support to launch a lobbying group to support Republican John McCain.

“We’re going to run campaign ads to defeat Obama,” says Ed Hale, a 63-year-old rancher and a Clinton supporter from Wellington, Texas. “We have doctors, lawyers, CPAs, the blue bloods, and then we have rednecks like me. It’s a very diversified organization.”

[From Angry Clinton Supporters Start Rallying for McCain Online | Threat Level from Wired.com]

Can we all just agree that this is bullshit and anyone who is a real Democrat, anyone who is a real Hillary supporter is not going to deliberately hand this country over to a madman who has no respect for the constitution and who thinks women are too dumb to make equal pay for equal work and who believes it’s just dandy to torture people as long as it’s done by the intelligence community and not the army and who doesn’t want to support veterans and their ability to go to college?

So let’s all just agree that any of these so-called Hillary for McCain supporters are most likely asshole Republican’s who are attempting to spread fear, uncertainty and doubt. If you believe in what Hillary Clinton believes in then you will NOT vote for McCain.

Ok? Ok.

Media outlets who simply accept the statements that these people are Clinton supporters are playing directly into a politics of lies and deceit. Yes, I’m looking at you Wired.

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