Reason 23 to Avoid Hollywood Movies

As if there aren’t enough reasons to avoid your local multiplex:

While at the cinema yesterday, I read a notice posted by the box office that Paramount has intentionally silenced bits of the soundtrack of _Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull_ in order to deter and track piracy. The notice acknowledged that the momentary silences were annoying but that it was out of their control. Basically it said, please don’t bug the manager if the sound drops out, unless it lasts more than a minute.
[From Boing Boing: Paramount Silencing]

It’s like the film industry wants us to stop buying their product. If spending money on something doesn’t ensure a better experience than a pirated version than what incentive do I have to pay for that experience? You spend money going to see something at the movies because you want a certain type of experience and you expect a level of professionalism and quality that you don’t necessarily expect from a pirated avi version of a movie. But if they are going to screw around with what is supposed to be the best way to watch an exciting, over-the-top, action flick, then I saw we stop going to the damn movies until these idiots realize that punishing paying customers does nothing to reduce piracy.

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