A Line in the Sand

Ok, I’m all for making up words. Hell, as a Joss Whedon fan, I buy into the validity turning almost any word into an adjective or adverb, and I don’t have too much trouble turning nouns into verbs on a regular basis since most things are process in a philosophical sense, but reading this publisher’s description of Jeffrey Archer’s A Prisoner of Birth, I have to draw the line:

Thus begins Jeffrey Archer’s poignant and unputdownable novel of deception, hatred and revenge, in which only one of them can finally triumph, while the other will spend the rest of his days in jail. But which one? This suspenseful novel takes the listener through so many twists and turns that no one will guess the ending, even the most ardent of Archer’s many, many fans

[From audible.com: | A Prisoner of Birth (Unabridged)]


That’s not clever or cute, it’s just damn lazy!

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