Updates & Errata

The chain, sadly, does not remain unbroken. But I’m averaging exercise five times a week. Sometimes the gym, sometimes getting off at Dekalb Ave & walking, briskly, home, sometimes doing aerobics at home, and sometimes going for a walk up to Prospect Park. While I do not have an unbroken chain of Xs on my calender, I do have the majority of days marked off and am feeling good about it.



I have started a new short story, tentatively entitled "The Empty Space." In under a week, I've written almost 3000 words and while there are some tricky elements to the story, I'm feeling good about getting it going and pretty certain that I'll see it through. It's the first in a planned series of stories that combine science fiction and theatre history/critical theory. The idea came to me when I sent this bio into the Drabblecast as I was submitting a story:
<blockquote>Living the American Dream, [LtL] is in debt and living beyond his means on a daily basis. Starting his own podcast at <a title="Letters to Lost Friends" href="http://letterstolostfriends.com">letterstolostfriends.com</a>, trying to get freelance work as a <a title="LtL Sound Design" href="http://ltlsounds.com">sound designer</a>, and coming up with cunning plans to avoid working for "The Man," he expects to somehow pay off all his debt a few years after he dies. In the meantime, his plans include moving to New Mexico, reading Marx's <span style="font-style: italic;">Kapital</span>, attempting a vision quest, and writing a huge science fiction epic based on theatre history and critical theory (that Master's degree has to come in handy somehow).</blockquote>
Maybe I'll get a corner on the underserved theatre history/cricital theory/science fiction market.



I received a card in the mail today from New England Reunions. This year marks 20 years since I graduated high school. Oh my god. No. I mean, no. I mean, really no, it can’t be. Ah but it is. Age happens, my friend, age happens.



Speaking of age, if you were a teen during the 80s, if you were slightly on the nerd/geek side of things, if you like podcasts, Merlin Mann, Jonathan Hodgeman, or obscure humor that borders on the banal, you should subscribe to the new podcast called “You Look Nice Today.” Sometimes scatological, sometimes clever, sometimes stupid, yet always amusing. Go ahead, the first hit is free:


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