First Workout

Went to the gym and did 5 minutes on one of the step machines . . . man those are hard! After that, I went onto an elliptical for 55 minutes, keeping myself around the target heart rate for my age (148 bpm). Because I bought a step machine for home, and because I find myself unable to use it for more than a few minutes at a time, I’m going to try to use the step machines at the gym every time I go so that I can build up my legs to the point where I can use mine for a solid cardio workout.

While I was working out I found myself thinking about some ideas for stories and for music and was reminded that all my creative energy works best when I’m not feeling sluggish. All in all, I’m feeling good. It doesn’t hurt that today is a bright and warm spring day. Really one of the nicest days so far. I’m actually looking forward to going back to the gym tomorrow and plan on doing an hour of aerobic and follow that up by some strength training.

On this day..