McCain Watch: Newsweek Damn Near Libels

So, I’m in the midst of writing an indignant post about a quote I saw in Newsweek and I decided to look at the primary text that they are referencing and damn if it didn’t turn out that Newsweek, by changing one word in a quote by McCain, completely turned around the meaning of his words. Here is the post I was writing:

From the Presidential candidate who often claims his experience of imprisonment and torture as a POW as a moral calling card:

We have enemies for which no attack is too cruel.

Statements like this are sure to elevate America’s moral standing in the eyes of the world . . . not! Especially as he sounds no different than an Islamic radical terrorist. This is neither the rhetoric of strength, nor is it the rhetoric of morality. When you say that there is “no attack . . . too cruel” you are speaking from weakness and hatred and immorality. You are speaking the language of bin Laden.

Come on, America, we are better than that.


But here is what McCain actually said:

We have enemies for whom no attack is too cruel . . .

That “whom” makes all the difference! And while I still think there are lots of reasons to beware of McCain and to fight against his candidacy, he’s not quite as bloodthirsty as Newsweek portrays or as my own prejudices seemed so eager to accept.

Link to McCain’s actual speech prepared script

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