The Persistence of Cats


Our cat is a stubborn cat. She does not like doors that are closed and in her way. This morning, at about 6:30 am, I kicked her out of the bedroom and closed the door so I could get some extra sleep. Until recently, her tactic for getting through the door would be to start meowing and scratching at the door. Activities that, we could ignore and possibly even sleep through. Sometime in the last few weeks, however, she has decided to start trying to open the door by jumping up in the narrow space between a bookshelf and the latch door that Joya and I put up ourselves when we moved in.


Of course, a cat crashing into a door is enough to wake me and keep me awake, but I also didn’t want to reward her behavior, so I was simply lying in bed, waiting for her to stop trying to get in when . . .

She did it. She jumped high enough and in just the right way and she unlatched the door and opened it herself.

On this day..