Can you imagine the hue and cry, the cries of “foul,” the accusations of partisanship and un-American behavior if the Democrats engaged in such cynical, low-brow, desperate and disgusting behavior?

Limbaugh is relishing the Democratic battle. On primary day in Mississippi he told listeners: “I’m not going to tell Republicans to go over there and vote, because I don’t think I have to anymore. I think everybody understands here. But I want Obama to win this tonight. I want Obama to win Mississippi. I want Obama to win everything ’til we get to Pennsylvania. Then it’s a different ballgame. Then we start being ‘un-American’ again, to quote liberals,” Limbaugh said laughing. “Then we start to sabotage all over again. The key about that, though, is you’ve gotta be registered with the party you intend to vote in Pennsylvania by March 24th. That’s early. That’s almost a month before the election date, which is April 22nd. So be thinking about that, folks.”(Can GOP Voters Spoil the Dem Race? – TIME)

Democrats are going to have to fight hard this year to ensure that the most cynical and underhanded of the Republican party don’t sabotage democracy. For all their American flag pins, their empty rhetoric about patriotism, and their desire to “spread democracy” around the world, there is no doubt in my mind that people like Limbaugh, Karl Rove, and Dick Cheney have no real stake in democracy and would rather forward an agenda based on fear, privilege, and inequality.

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