Triple Threat: Obama can think, write and speak well

I didn’t know this, but Obama’s “A More Perfect Union” speech was entirely written by himself. I mean, on one hand you might say, so what, people write speeches all the time. Lars Thorwald underscores the importance of this information:

Now, if you are like me, and I pray for your soul you are not, you had the normal reaction to finding out this piece of information. You rushed right to the Library of Congress to determine exactly the last time that a President or a presidential candidate wrote a major speech alone, by himself or herself.

And, of course, what you discover is that other than the speeches Obama has written for himself, the last time a major speech was written without the aid of a speechwriter by a president or presidential candidate was Nixon’s “Great Silent Majority” speech delivered on October 13, 1969.

Now that was a good speech. Evil, no doubt, to its very core, and designed to proliferate the feelings that allowed the great Southern Strategy success, but a good speech nevertheless.

[From Daily Kos: State of the Nation]

You should click over and read the rest of Thorwald’s entry, because he makes a number of excellent points including the fact that if Obama becomes President, we would have a President who can actually think and write and speak – all at the same time. After eight years of a President who can’t do any of those particularly well (and go on, try to convince me that a President who comes across as dumb is in any possible way a good leader), I think we are due.

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