McCain Watch: Foreign Who? Foreign What? Foreign How?


Someone please explain to me just exactly what McCain’s foreign experience consists of? I mean, has he been an Ambassador? Has be brokered peace somewhere? Has he demonstrated in-depth knowledge of other peoples, places and cultures?

The media consensus that national security is some sort of great asset for McCain is completely baseless. Just go read McCain’s pre-invasion speeches and they are filled to the brim with the most extreme, gullible and false assertions about Iraq. This whole McCain Myth is predicated on the Beltway principle that anyone who supports war and cheers on war and wants to prolong the occupation of Iraq is inherently Serious when it comes to National Security, no matter how little they know and how unbroken a record of Wrongness they’ve compiled. And in McCain’s case, the fact that he was in Vietnam 40 years ago immunizes him from having his National Security expertise questioned (though it didn’t for John Kerry).

[From Glenn Greenwald –]

Can someone please point to any significant achievement that McCain has made in terms of foreign policy or why he is, somehow, an expert on national security?

I don’t get it.

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