Distraction is the Enemy of Thought

Lately I’ve been reflecting on my computer habits and the ways in which I waste time. For quite a while now my home page on my browser has been Netvibes and I have had five pages of various RSS feeds. Recently I even put together a page of 10 feeds that were all Apple news sites.

Now, really, do they ever report vastly different stories? Certainly not when it comes to the big stories. But I would pour over all my various feeds, looking for the newest bit of information, the latest nugget of news. Currently I also listen to a number of tech podcasts at work so why this need to constant information? Why indeed. So today I decided to step back from the whole RSS thing and set up a homepage that is, basically, just an old fashioned links page containing some of the links to my favorite or most useful websites that I turn to for news or information:

Picture 1.png

It’s basic and plain and exceedingly simple, but I’m hoping that it will force me to be more mindful of my internet habits and provide significantly less distraction.

On this day..