A Sick Display of Media Cynicism & Manipulation

For some reason I find the trend of referring to Obama’s supports as “cultish” highly offensive and disturbing:

A Tuesday night broadcast on ABC News’ Nightline offered an example ofbehavior it implied might be ‘cult-like.’ Show host Terry Moran started out thereport calling Obama’s base “a massive and fervent following.” CorrespondentDavid Wright then referred to the supporters as a “congregation,” and proceededto compare Obama events to Bruce Springsteen concerts, and Obama’s starpower tothat exerted by The Beatles or Hannah Montana. And after showing clips fromObama’s various campaign appearances, he interviewed LA Times columnist JoelStein on how the senator’s followers are like a cult.

And the fact that David Plotz has the temerity to call Obama’s speech making “fascistic,” is, to be honest, nauseating.


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