New Play . . . of Sorts

I have, occasionally, really wanted to be a choreographer. Of course, I have no dance training so that kind of keeps me from pursuing that desire. This next contribution to my 10 10 Minute play series is entitled “Text for 2 Dancers” and is precisely that. Not so much a play, “Text” is meant to be the starting point for a movement piece. In some ways I would love to see this staged more than any of the other plays because, as a director, I can envision how the other plays would be performed, but I have no idea what a good choreographer would do with this piece.

So if you are a choreographer or you know any choreographers, please feel free to produce “Text for 2 Dancers.” It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 license.

Text for 2 Dancers

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