New 10 Minute Play

As promised, a comedy. Of sorts. At least I find it amusing. Special thanks to for publishing a great series of superhero stories (of course thanks to Jeffrey R. Derego for writing them!) and providing me the inspiration to find a way to work tyromancy and sycomancy into a play.

Without further ado:

Team: Superhero

On this day..

One thought on “New 10 Minute Play

  1. Hi Peter! Thanks for the shout out to the Union Dues stories. There’s another one on tap (All That We Leave Behind), but I have no idea when it will be published at Escape Pod. Look for it on Thursdays/Fridays when the site updates.

    I look forward to reading your play. Weirdly, I just recorded a 10-minute or so audio play that I wrote for The Writing Show. Look for it as one of the upcoming commentaries.

    Keep writing!


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