New Year, New Host, New Look

LtL is back up and running after several days of struggling with some SQL issues as I transferred hosting servers for the site. After a number of years with, I decided, for several reasons, to switch to I wasn’t planning on changing themes, but happened across this one and really like the simplicity and, after having three-column themes for the last year or so, I am finding that the two-column theme works just as well and feels less cluttered, keeping a bit more focus on the posts themselves. There are a few areas of the theme I may tweak over the next couple of weeks, but I’m glad I found it.

Everything seems to be working except that none of my mp3 files seem to load . . . for some reason the links aren’t linking correctly and I just get 404 errors when clicking on them in posts or on my pages. So, until I update this post, feel free to read my poetry, fiction or scripts, but don’t try to listen to my music or sound design files cause they just ain’t working’.

If you have any thoughts on the new look or why I might be having problems with links only to music files, drop a line and thanks for your patience over the past several days.

[Update: The permissions on the music & sound design folders weren’t set properly – they are now fixed and you should have access to the mp3s on the site. However, I’ve discovered that I don’t seem to be able to add or edit books in the “Now Reading” plugin. I’ve a feeling it’s probably a similar issue but am not up to solving it tonight.]

On this day..