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Searchable Database of the Bush Administrations LIes:

It would be a terrible mistake for the world to allow this man to continue to flaunt his obligations to the international community, to continue to build weapons of mass destruction under the dark of night, and to one day wake up in a situation in which we’re being blackmailed by this bloody dictator. That isn’t acceptable. – SOURCE: Condoleezza Rice, interview on Late Edition, CNN, April 7, 2002.

Hmm, I don’t know, “this man” sounds a lot like Bush to me. And yes, I do feel we’ve been blackmailed with fear and terror by this bloody not-quite-dictator-but-not-for-lack-of-trying, right-wing fascist President of ours.


Say No to Violence Against Women


[Update: I had to delete parts of this post because they were causing an error in Firefox and I couldn’t track down the problems. The parts deleted were a YouTube video of Richard O’Brien singing an acoustic version of “Double Feature” and a link to Bert Monroy’s website which you should check out right now.]

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