The Inexorable Politics of a Media Controlled Campaign

Does anyone else feel like the game is rigged? That the media plays at reporting the primaries but really dictates their results?

Does anyone else have a queasy feeling in the pit of their stomach and the creeping fear that, because ALL of our politicians are bought and paid for, that we will never see true change and true leadership in this country? I truly believe that if we eliminated money from our national politics by offering “X” amount for every candidate that receives “Y” signatures of support and that is all the money they are allowed to spend on their campaign, we would go a long, long way to affecting change. Give each party with a certain number of registered voters their own cable channel and then dedicate one other channel for substantive debate.

We are run by the rich, for the rich.

And godsdamnit people, we need a healthy multi-party system instead of this two-party crap.

So yeah, the media has been telling us for-fucking-ever that it’s Clinton-Obama-Edwards. Everyone is surprised by Huckabee’s win in Iowa, but for the last month, the media has made him their Republican darling, despite his lies, lies, and suspicious secrecy. No, I’m not suggesting conspiracy here, just that the mass media’s attention spans and what they focus on have significant and detrimental effects on our elections. Also, I’m just in a pissy mood and politics makes me feel ill in that I’ve-eaten-too-much-greasy-fast-food-and-too-fast feeling.

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