Random Thoughts on Travel

  • The Eastern seaboard is never dark – a skein of lights runs along it, always visible. Islands of dark rather than islands of light.
  • Airports–as well as railway stations–are always somewhat erotic to me. I think because they are a liminal space, and they contain the potential for a kind of casual intimacy, or, as Sondheim put it “moments in the woods.” Not that I’ve ever had one of those moments.
  • The best thing about having your own TARDIS would be the ability to travel and have your home surrounding you at the same time.
  • Whenever I am flying at night, I always hope to see a UFO.
  • I’m always disappointed that I don’t have major revelations when listening to slightly obscure but hip music while staring out a plane/bus/train window and watching the world go by. I mean, those moments are always so revelatory in the movies!
  • Do not try to fly from Newark to Greenville/Spartanburg SC. Your flight will be cancelled. Twice. And you’ll have to go into/out of Columbia SC anyway, so you might as well book your flight there to start with.

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