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My friend Sandro posted a while ago about a “no buy” Christmas, and just recently reposted with an update. I have also tried to limit my purchases and get creative with my gift giving this year. There were the mix cds I made for my parents (actually, I have been making those for my folks for years now and my Mom would never forgive me if I didn’t make one for her!) as well as my cousin’s husband (who I have in this years same-generation gift lottery). I also made a series of “thank you” cards for my grandparents. l didn’t end up buying nothing . . . but almost all of my purchases were used books (and I’m really happy with the books that I found for my mom, dad and grandparents) or subscriptions to services or donations to charity. I was stumped on my brother’s eight year old step-daughter and ended up spending money on Amazon but it will hopefully be fun and educational.

Joya and I are giving tickets to shows or dinners out to each other this year, although we may end up giving a small something or other. Without those tickets or dinner included, I definitely stayed under $100 dollars this year.

In the spirit of sharing, I thought I would actually post the thank you cards I made for my grandparents here for anyone else to either use as thank you cards or give as gifts. They are designed for the “half-fold” card stock and to be printed on both sides, so depending on your printer you may have to do all one side and then all the other, but I hope you enjoy.

Thank You 1

Thank You 2

Thank You 3

Whatever you celebrate, or even if you don’t celebrate anything at this time of year, I do hope that you find the time to relax with friends for family and are able to enjoy the richness of people who love and care about you. ‘Cause that’s the really important

Sorry, was going all Hallmark there for a minute . . . actually, while the sentiments may be true, you certainly don’t need to hear them from me. So, go read my Zombie Play instead. It’ll be fun for the both of us. 😉

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