OS X Leopard, Day 2

Leopard has lots of new, cool, nifty new things. And, I will admit it here and now, the shelf on the dock is not nearly as bad as I thought. I have tweaked mine to be a bit darker, however, by using one of the downloads from LeopardDocks.com.

However, there are some things missing. Namely, native RAR support. What does that mean to me and you? RAR is another form of compression, like ZIP files. A lot of online comics are saved as CBR or CBZ with the “r” and the “z” representing RAR and ZIP. So CBRs won’t work on Leopard – at least not without third party apps that can expand RAR files. I haven’t really explored the possibilities of which 3rd party apps work best, but will try to post what I find to work best and cheapest.

No, native RAR support is not a huge deal and probably not a deal-breaker when it comes to upgrading, but definitely something of a small annoyance.

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