In Honor of the Writer’s Strike

Love him or hate him, Harlan Ellison says what he means and means what he says:

If I had to pick out a hero, Ellison would be on my short list. As a writer, he inspires me, but as a human being he humbles me. His willingness to spit in the face of authority, oppression and stupidity is breathtaking to me, as I tend toward quietness and diplomacy. His passion is electric, infectious and while it may swing drastically between outrage and joy, disdain and excitement, you don’t doubt for a second that he is vibrantly alive and the controlling force of his own destiny. His bluntness may be off-putting, his scorn sharp enough to draw blood, and his blanket dismissal of certain technologies downright curmudgeonly. Yet, he is often just plain right.

(via SF Signal)

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