Listening with Sound Design Ears

J and I watched Orlando this past weekend – I had seen it years ago and she had never seen it and lately we’ve been on a bit of a Tilda Swinton kick. There was one moment, when Orlando is standing in front of the gates to a huge mansion and the rain starts pouring down when all of a sudden, I realized that the sound of the rain was all wrong, being too echo-y, like the sound of rain in a small alley or far more closed in space that had sound reflective walls.

Maybe it’s because my last show took place in a submerged ship and I got do know the “echo chamber” effect and settings in Adobe Audition pretty well, but the wrongness of the rain really struck me.

And speaking of Tilda Swinton – wouldn’t she make an awesome Doctor Who when we finally go with a female? Oh come on, you know we will eventually, despite the cognitive dissonance that will cause for the boy fans of the series. My votes are for either Tilda Swinton or Miranda Richardson.

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