Adventures of the Young Doctor Who

Came across a great link to an article on the young David Tennant from his grammar school magazine. The tone of it reminds me of my high school yearbook and the short bios we wrote for our senior year pictures, especially when he says:

“David has no real ambitions, only to live and to ‘fulfill’ himself . . .”

God how pretentious we sound when we are young! (Actually, I kind of miss that sense of knowing that you know everything.)

But I digress . . . the real point of interest is that, as early as 1988, Tennant had “one particular role” that he “would love to play . . .”

That role?

Doctor Who.

There’s something satisfying and sweet about that fact that he is now doing that role. And while I do miss me some Eccleston, Tennant’s dream come true is . . . well, neat.

Link. (via SF Signal)

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