Live Blogging 9-20-07 Democrat Presidential Debate

Well, that’s that. Liveblogging is hard.

Closing Remarks: Edwards, need to end poverty. Need honesty, trust and integrity. Dodd, care about family, need leadership to create hope for their children and grandchildren, leadership to bring people together. Biden, “fallen angels” = soldiers, going after Bush for saying that he wasn’t going to end war. Clinton, set big goals for America, restore leadership around the world. Rebuild economy, middle class, going to face difficult challenges we’ve ever had. Richardson, sensible priorities, telling a story. Soft spoken. very uninspiring.

Biden has used the phrase “god-awful” twice. I like that in a politician.

On Iraq: Biden’s plan to soft partition, “not going to be able to govern Iraq from the center” – loosely federated republic

Family leave issues: Biden not responding to question about family leave. Cantankerous, strong. He’s coming off really well. Richardson would RATIFY ERA!!!!! Hells yeah!!

Richardson against carbon tax, claims that cap & trade more effective. I really think he has some very very good ideas. The fact he want’s to take us out of Iraq so quickly, his attention to specific ideas (he had the second mention of Unions in the debate – go him!)

Richardson looks like he just swallowed a sour lemon

topic: economics and global warming: Dodd wants corporate carbon tax. Good for him.

I want to like Clinton more than I do. I would love to have a woman president in this country, but I just can’t trust and/or get excited about her. I have to say, Biden is doing really well tonight. He’s impressing me with his ability to talk straight and the fact that he doesn’t seem to play the “like me” game.

Dodd trampling all over the time constraints. Good for him. Edwards is being too cutesy tonight in his attempts to be friendly. His eyes are too wide and eager at times, like he wants us to like him. Biden certainly not worred about making us like him.

Edwards saying we need to strengthen labor and unions to organize. First pro-union statement. (I thought I found out how to insert time code. It didn’t work.)

Clinton going after Haliburton & Cheney. Good for her!


Richardson again, asking very politly if he can talk, giving a very balanced, rational talk about fiscal discipline. But there is no fire, certainly not the passion of Dodd, the truculence of Biden, the coolness and command of Clinton. Edwards – not doing much for me tonight. This would be more fun with other people here. Maybe shots of Jaegermeister. Richardson is very list oriented. 1 . . . 2 . . . 3 . . . and it’s very balanced, very helpful in terms of really thinking about his points. And this would be great in a lecture, or in a space where you could really discuss some of these specifics one by one. This short form debate doesn’t work well for balanced, reasoned, quite, diplomatic attempts at answering questions. Dodd has passion, can’t doubt that. Biden, taking responsibility for fixing soc. security back in 1983 along with Bob Dole.

wow – all of the deficits of all previous presidents don’t equal bush’s

Dodd against raising the age for Soc Sec.

The format here sucks. This move to limit people to 60 seconds a) doesn’t work and b) only allows for soundbytes.

Medicare conversation – Edwards taking on the drug lobby, but kind of rambling and not being very helpful. Dodd going to bat for Soc. Sec. & Medicare – echoing Edwards about the drug lobby. Blll R is a diplomat, right? I think that’s his problem. He is talking like a diplomat rather than a President.

Things going crazy for just a brief moment. Wish more of it would happen.

Bill R’s response was almost petulant.

Biden brings up finance reform and the money – slams Bill R. for being a Gov. of a small state – Loves Clinton, what’s changed that makes you think Clinton & Edwards will be able to get the work done with the Republicans. Damn, guns blazing.

Bill R. pulls out his health care credit as Gov. 1 – insuring kids, 2 – working people, thinks he’ll be able to cover his whole state in a number of years. Why isn’t he better suited at this political game?

60 more minutes. huh. maybe this wasn’t the best idea. 🙂

Edwards cheap shot about Clinton taking time for health care plan. Boo. Is talking about taking money from lobbiests and wants to challenge the system. Clinton’s response, claiming that she was lonely back in the day when she proposed universal health care and glad that the others have come into play. But she’s not really dealing with his accusation that she’s sitting at the table with big money and lobbiests.

Edwards talking tough about the costs of health care and there is no free lunch. Nice.

Bill R needs to stop glowering.

Bill R. 1/3 of health care is overhead. Eliminate corporate well-fare. 1 – end waste 2 – prevention 3 – electronic filing records saving

To Edwards, re: tax rates to help pay for health care. Costs 90 – 100 billion/year, getting rid of tax cuts for those who make over 200,000 – change the capitals gains rate for those over 200,000 . . . kinda lost me on the answer but it sounds good.

(trying to figure out how to insert time code)

Ok, so I decided to do this last minute, really just as the debate started. This is NOT the most exciting of debates to blog. They are talking about home care and Biden suggests a similar philosophy re: foster care. Bill R. coming up with 2 specific things: a credit system for mom’s who have left the workforce, a plan for “independance at home” using tech to get care at home. Long term home care. Nice, but he wasn’t terribly specific about his specifics.

Dodd up – saying something about cost and bringing people together. Cooperation & leadership. Brings up Family Leave bill that he sheparded through 3 presidents and 2 vetos.

Clinton wants to open up the Congressional Health plan to everyone. Electronic Medical Info will save 77 Billion which she’ll use for those who can’t pay. Ohh, she got a dig about why it didn’t happen during her husbands administration. Goes after Bush re: the expansion of health care for children.

Edwards calls out big pharm and insurance companies for standing in the way of national healthcare. Good for him.

Biden up to bat — as I try to figure out how best to live blog — so I’m not paying terribly close attention to the questions.

Hilary sounds assured and confident, but I’m distracted by the hand-written slip of paper stating 30 seconds are up.

Bill R. gets the first question and looks grumpy and puffy. Talks about using the money from the Iraq war to help cover costs of health care.

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