Wil Wheaton: Gettin’ all Crusher on the RIAA

Wil Wheaton has a good post on his site about the RIAA and their current underhanded, slimy, evil and generally effed-up tactics to control those dangerous internet radio stations:

If SoundExchange can scare enough indie webcasters into signing this horrible agreement, the RIAA will be able to go to congress and tell them that they really don’t need to pass the Internet Radio Equality Act, which would permanently save internet radio by preventing the RIAA and SoundExchange from jacking up royalty rates so high, it would force indie webcasters out of business. (Link)

The sound and the fury seem to have deserted the movement to save internet radio, especially when the RIAA promised they wouldn’t enforce the current copyright laws that would bankrupt the majority of internet radio stations. But the need to press on and help pass the Internet Equality Act as part of a long term strategy is as pressing as ever for those who care about access to good radio stations, the likes of which you will not find over the air.

Go to SaveNetRadio for more information on how you can help support the music, the musicians and the freedom to hear the widest variety of music that we have had since . . . well, probably since forever.

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