2 thoughts on “Gots ta Get Me a Machete!

  1. OK, so I don’t normally do these, but I just had a dream the other day that involved something akin to zombies, so I figured this was a little fortuitous.

    Anyway, it turns out that we are equal. I, too, have a 41% chance of surviving a zombie apocalypse.

  2. The Cats are funny. The Zombies: tell more! Love the graphic! Sounds like a great story-line… if you can write sci-fi horror. I can’t. If you need a connecting to a B-Movie maker in the horror sector let me know… he gets paid and that should be a good start. Maybe you already get paid more tha he does. Let me know just the same; could be a good connection for the both of you.

    Also… expand on the Write Fight for those of us too busy to explore the site. I checked in, but can’r figure it out in the 75 seconds of spare time I had today. I spent most of my time this AM with errand and my own Blog. Now back to work! — Have fun if you can. Try to… (MJM)

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