Writin’ & Fightin’ & Winnin’

So, my story “Death Comes with Jeff” won the Write Fight.

Yay me . . . well, yeah, but that “yay” is tempered by the fact that there were only 3 entries and only 2 votes. Some of the feedback was spot-on, the ending does feel a bit like a cheat, so I’ve got a proposition for you (and you and you . . . you know who you are):

Here is the story, “Death Comes with Jeff”. I would love to see how other people might it, keeping within the same word count that I was constrained by. So the challenge is to keep the story exactly the same up to the “* * *” and then, using 275 words–oh, heck, make it an even 300–rewrite the ending in any way you would like. Send it back to me and I’ll post it here.

On this day..