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You are 63% Bittch!

Wow! You really are becoming a real Bittch! Has anyone ever told you that? I think you need to calm it down! Before you can’t turn back from being a big Bittch! Being Cruel isn’t that fun!

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You Are 59% Zesty!!

Oh well it looks like you are rather zesty. But you could’ve been MORE zesty! Do what you got to do man. Work at it more, keep it real, stay true and stay zesty!

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Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Your Result: Famine

When the third seal is opened, you ride forth on a black horse carrying scales to represent the injustice you will unleash. You bring starvation to the world, rendering essential foods unavailable while protecting luxury foods for the wealthy. Many will die, and wars will erupt over shortages of food.

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

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Invasion of the Indestructible Plastic Bags

So, one of the ways we are screwing over ourselves and the planet is the sheer, overwhelming, mindbogglingly huge amount of plastic that we litter around our world.

Plastic does not die. Maybe, someday, all the bags, tops, six-pack rings, etc. will find their way below the earth’s crust and be destroyed by the fires of molten rock. But until then (hundreds of millions to billions of years if every), we are increasingly choking our world with plastic refuse.

Recycle what you can, of course. But what about all those plastic garbage bags? I’m trying to figure out ways to conserve, to help reduce the growing plastic tide.

Idea #1

Where I work, every desk has a trash can, but there is also a large trash can in the kitchen. Everyday, the trash is emptied from all the trash cans by simply removing the bags from each and every one if there is any trash in the cans. Which means that if I throw one yogurt container in the trash at my desk, I have just contributed one more plastic bag to the deluge. So I simply have started making the effort to throw away all my trash in the kitchen’s trash can instead of the one at my desk.

Is it as convenient. No.

On a scale of inconvenience, however, it’s probably .001 on a scale of 10.

Idea #2:
Paper instead of plastic. I don’t know about where you live, but I rarely see this as an option in NYC. However, when I went home to visit the ‘rents in RI, one of the big grocery stores still offered the choice. Take paper when you can and then recycle.

Idea #3:
Reuse. Reuse. Reuse. Until the holes in the bags grow too big. Then maybe put one old bag inside another old bag (as long as the holes don’t match up) and reuse.

Idea #4:
Buy your own reusable shopping bags.

And then make sure you remember to use them!

I would love to hear more ideas from anybody. Drop ’em in the comments.

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Printing Body Parts

We are such an incredibly resourceful and damn smart species. Self-centered and greedy and cruel as well, but reading things like the Ars Technica article about early research on using inkjet printers for creating replacement body parts makes me smile at our species intelligence.


Bet the replacement cartridges for this kind of printer would be a bit more expensive than your typical inkjet cartridges, but then again, maybe not.

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My First Podcast

So, to test out some recording equipment and start realizing just how difficult getting a good, clean recording sound can be, I recorded a short-short story that I’d done for Write Fight a good long while ago.

Not really ready for prime-time, so I won’t be sending this off to Podiobooks or iTunes any time soon, but it’s a decent first try (despite some hiss and pops that showed up on the recording) and, I hope, somewhat enjoyable for you to listen to. Without further ado:

Lightning Rod

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The Next Thing in LtL’s Sound Design World . . .

Check it out if you can!


Written by Burgess Clark Directed by David Epstein

Starring: Dan Patrick Brady, Ryan Serhant, Kevin T. Collins, Anneka Fagundes, Rebecca White, Cecelia Frontero*

Based on real events…

For as long as three weeks after the attack on Pearl Harbor, soldiers survived aboard the sunken vessel U.S.S. West Virginia, waiting to be rescued.

At the bottom of the sea, trapped under impossible conditions, they struggle to keep hope — and themselves — alive.




Production Manager -Alexis M. Hadsall; Stage Manager -Charles Casano; Set Design -Elisha Schaefer; Light Design – Joe Novak; Costume Design – Jennifer Raskopf; Sound Design – Peter Wood; Props – Andi Cohen

Equity Approved Showcase – Actor* appears courtesy of Actor’s Equity Association.

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Lila – LOLCat


If you haven’t encountered LOL Cats, you can venture on over to

Just a warning, the phenomenon can be addictive. For example:

LOL Trek – “We Has Tribbles and Also Troubles”

I Can Has Cheezburger



The Holy but Hilarious: Lol Jeebus

For a more intellectual examination: try “Kitty Pidgin and Asymmetrical Tail-Wags”

Or “im in ur prgrammz, codin in ur dialect: LOLCode and Feline Dialectology”

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