Dreamt last night of zombies and the end of the world.

No, really, I did. A long, convoluted dream, which is beyond linear reconstruction but I remember a barn, sort of an uber-barn based on the one behind my grandparents house. Large, containing a past that is always dusty, mysterious and just out of reach. We were trapped there by the zombies–no, that’s not quite right, there were like zombies but not quite, like mind sucking aliens bent on absorbing your mind, but not quite–anyway, the villains trapped us there, in this large barn with its relics of times past. I had the cat with me throughout the dream. People were dying, others were betraying me, it was a violent, exciting, dangerous, very filmic dream that was all action and suspense and intrigue.

Did you know that they are building a spaceport in New Mexico? Right outside of a town called Truth or Consequences. When I read that, I grinned and felt so proud of humanity, despite all our stupidities and cruelties, we are beginning to make our plans to venture from our world into the larger universe. Sure, we are decades, possibly centuries away from the kind of space travel we read about in science fiction, but to be here, now as we first start to crawl into space is very exciting to me. I want to be part of that.


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