Woden’s Wit

From Sæmund’s Edda, translated translated by Olive Bray and edited by D. L. Ashliman:

16. A coward believes he will ever live if he keep him safe from strife: but old age leaves him not long in peace though spears may spare his life. 20. A greedy man, if he be not mindful, eats to his own life’s hurt: oft the belly of the fool will bring him to scorn when he seeks the circle of the wise. 82. Drink ale by the fire, but slide on the ice; buy a steed when ’tis lanky, a sword when ’tis rusty; feed thy horse neath a roof, and thy hound in the yard. 143. Dost know how to write, dost know how to read, dost know how to paint, dost know how to prove, dost know how to ask, dost know how to offer, dost know how to send, dost know how to spend? 144. Better ask for too little than offer too much, like the gift should be the boon; better not to send than to overspend.

I think my favorite is #20 – reminds me of the Bush Administration and most Corporate Entities.

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