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At the risk of bragging, I do take pride with the wide variety of music I have collected over the years. I know that there are people out there who greatly surpass me both in quantity and variety, but still, I like to think that I do pretty well in finding some nicely obscure bands and performers who should be far better known than they are. So, tonight, I wanted to share a few of my favorite songs by artists who probably never heard of.

Disclaimer: These songs are up for listening purposes only for a short time. If you’re an artist or label who wants the song taken down, please contact me.

“Let the Wretched Come Home” (Mark Curry)

I don’t remember when I picked this album up, but it was most probably used and I liked the cover so I took a chance. One of those albums that I don’t listen to very often, but every time I do, I enjoy it. Very much a rock & roll album, with flavors of americana, it has some great songs. My favorite:

Cigarette Burns

“Angel Food for Thought” (Meryn Cadell)

You may, if you are of a certain age, remember this song by Meryn Cadell:

The Sweater.

As far as I know, that’s the only song that got any airplay in America, but her music is delightful, fun and ironic without being arch or cruel, and she writes with a poetry of the everyday that astounds. A particularly good example of that is her song

The Wait. “Bombazine” (Meryn Cadell) But she doesn’t write only fun, quirky songs and I have always found this one to be quite beautiful

Georgia Bay, 24 & Evermore

“Lost and Safe” (The Books)

I’m not sure where I got the following song from, it may have been a mix-cd someone made for me. It’s a disturbing and scary song, and I really need to get off my ass and get the album . . . ok, so I’m downloading from iTunes as I finish writing this.

It Never Changes to Stop

And finally, a New England Band that should have gotten much more attention than they have, especially in the wake of the whole Wilco, Son Volt, Whiskeytown Americana-Roots thing that was big several years ago. This is a twisted little song about an ex that I think we can all relate to:

“Massachusetts” (Scud Mountain Boys)

Grudge ****

Well, there you have it, I hope you enjoy these and, if you do, that you will go support the bands by buying albums and seeing live shows!!

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