Random 10 Tracks

I just finished posting on Pandagon’s Friday Random Ten and didn’t want to stop the random merriment, so for my second random ten tracks:

  1. “Kiss of Life” – Peter Gabriel
  2. “The Sweater” – Meryn Cadell
  3. “The Friend Catcher” – The Birthday Party
  4. “Steam Engine” – My Morning Jacket
  5. “Above You, Below Me” – Badly Drawn Boy (live version)
  6. “The Mincer” – King Crimson
  7. “Forest Power” – Deep Forest
  8. “See Emily Play” – Pickin’ on Pink Floyd (a mediocre album of Pink Floyd covers done as bluegrass instrumentals)
  9. “Allegro in C Minor” – Handel, performed by Egarr Manze
  10. “Human Behavior” – Bjork

So, there you go – if you want to join in the fun, set your music to random and leave a list in the comments.

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