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Willy Porter – Jesus On The Grille

Just downloaded a sweet sound cue program call Qlab, and the basic version is free and allows you to build sound cues and execute them with all sort of fades, levels and precision. You can even set hotkeys for various cues. I would have loved to have given a program like that to my sound board operator for Little Murders and had her keystroke gunfire at random times to keep the actors off balance. This will definitely make running shows easier . . . of course it all depends on there being a Mac in the house. I could definitely use it for rehearsals, though, and it would let me take all my cues and play around with them live for the director. I’m not being terribly articulate here, but needless to say, if you or someone you know does sound design for live events, and are a Mac user, they should check this out.

Muddy Waters – Howling Wolf

I just installed Opera on my new Macbook Pro and have to say, I missed it. I have been doing the using-only-native-mac-programs thing for a while and using Safari as my primary browser. It was . . . ok. I got used to it and didn’t hate it. But returning to Opera, I am reminded why I have used that as my primary browser for, well, for as long as it’s been free. Sandro was actually the first person to tell me about Opera, way back when we were living together and I was years from becoming a Mac user. At that point, it cost money and while I tried the trial version and liked it, I wasn’t going to pay for a browser.

Patty Larkin – The Book I`m Not Reading

I know that Opera may not benchmark as the fastest of the browsers, but it feels sprightly to me, and I just like how everything is laid out. I particularly enjoy the built in mouse gestures, although those will take some getting used to working with the trackpad. All things said and done, I think I’m fairly committed to Opera as my browser of choice, although I do miss StumbleUpon, but that appears to work–at least as a toolbar–in IE or Firefox.

Ween – Flutes of The Chi

I just turned on Photo Booth to try to get a pic of the Cat. Realized how much weight I’ve gained over the past year or so. Bleh.

Hoodoo Gurus – Tojo

I Monster – Heaven U2 – Salomé

So I’ve been on YouTube just looking for some decent UFO Footage to post. Ever since the recent Loch Ness Monster footage showed up, I’ve been thinking about just how much I was into Nessie, Bigfoot, Ufos, and the Bermuda Triangle when I was young. Well, youngish, I have to admit that I did take a trip out to Area 51 when I lived in Berkeley, back in the mid-90s.Depeche Mode – It`s No Good

Anyway, there are lots of crappy UFO videos, but most are not even close to compelling. So I didn’t post any.

Zero 7 – Crosses

Ever feel like you are floating, untethered, yet strangely heavy, laden down with expectations and the past? Hmm, maybe it’s just me.

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