Free and New Music, the Undiscovered

This is a quick entry, but I wanted to point you toward two sites that offer a really great way to find new music.

  1. iCompositions

This is a site that caters to home-recording artists and while it’s specifically supposed to hook into Garageband users, you’ll find a lot of compositions created with other music programs. From their description: is an internet community for aspiring musicians with a focus on Mac-using artists and, even more specifically, users of Apple’s GarageBand. Artists can upload an unlimited number of songs to be played and critiqued by other members of the community. We strive to facilitate the exchange of constructive criticism to give each artist the opportunity to improve and enjoy their musical adventures.

The quality ranges widely, but some of the songs are really good. You can browse by genre, most recent, top songs, or songs without any playback. While you do have to create an account to listen to the music, there is good reason: the site operates as a community, a place to seek and offer constructive feedback to the compositions that are uploaded. If you make your own music, iCompositions is definitely a site you should check out.

  1. Jamendo

The artists here are more professional, the music free and downloadable, and all of it falls under creative commons license. You won’t find anyone famous here, but you will find bands from all over the world who have uploaded their albums. You can create playlists using the built in Jamendo player, or you can listen to albums, even download them using Bittorrent or eMule. As with iCompositions, there is a huge range in quality, but a lot of the albums are polished and professional. As I mentioned, the flavor here is truly international and you can find speed-metal bands from Belgium or chantreuse-y pop from France or Brit-pop. You browse by tags, and can get fairly refined searches. Overall, I think this site deserves some serious browsing time and you could find some really fun music here.

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