Thistledown Thursdays

Thursdays are going to be an experiment in storytelling – where I’ll attempt to write a story or a novel or a series of interconnected stories that all take place in a town called Thistledown. Where is Thistledown? I’m not sure. I know that it is near a river, and not far from the ocean. The geography will be more New England than anywhere else, since I know New England best of all the regions I have lived. There will be magic . . . of some sorts. Like what I was saying on Tuesday about how some of my favorite shows are our world, but slightly not. I may even ask for other people to pitch in and help create the world, but for now I just wanted to lay the groundwork and let you know what will be coming. Some of it will be good, some of it will be crap, but you will get to see the creation of a world and a story happen each week. I will not be editing much, so everything will be a raw and unfocused, I may even contradict myself, but I hope to have fun with the experiment as well as entertain and make it fun for you as well.

So stayed tuned.

On this day..