Music Mondays

I’m going to try a new structure to the ol’ liminal blog and will be making entries Monday – Friday, with each day given to a different topic. Monday’s will be all about Music. Sometimes I’ll post new compositions, sometimes I may review what I’m currently listening to, and sometimes I may rant, foaming at the mouth, about the RIAA.

Today I have a new composition for you. This is a Garageband project, the working title is “Techno Owl” and I put it together yesterday after watching the latest Doctor Who. The track is mostly loops from Garageband itself, but the piano melodies were composed and played by me. I would love to get feedback!

Techno Owl

I’m not sure what Tuesdays are going to be, but I am leaning toward “Topical Tuesdays” in the whole alliteration spirit of things.

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