RIAA – Evil Overlords of Everything Music

No, really.

From Daily Kos:

RIAA has secured the right to collect royalties on all songs regardless of who controls the copyright. RIAA operates under the assumption that they will collect the royalties for the “sound recording copyright” and that the artists who own their own copyright will go to SoundExchange to collect at a later date . . . The RIAA has secured legal authority to administer a compulsory license that covers all recorded music.


What the FUCK! The RIAA has got to be stopped. Why haven’t they been sued by non-member artists? Who did the RIAA supply with drugs, money, sex (or a combination of all three) in order to get the government to allow such bullshit? Just ridiculous.

Check out www.savenetradio.org for some positive steps we can take.

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