Very Silly and Damn High on the Cute Scale

I wanted to try out the soundtrack function on Garageband so I grabbed a very low quality video I had taken with my Vivicam 3765. This is also an excuse for me to figure out how to post a Quicktime movie.

Yes, it’s of the cat.

I promise, unless there are extreme circumstances, I will not post more pics or films of the cat . . . I refuse to become one of those bloggers that is all about their pets.

[Update: Why host movies on my own server when I can host them on YouTube and link to them on the blog? Good question. That’s why I signed up for a YouTube account and you are seeing a YouTube video above instead of a Quicktime movie. If you click on the video and get a message that the movie is “no longer available,” the message should read “not yet available.” Check back in a bit and the movie should be up and available.]

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