Paving Paradise: Shutting Down Internet Radio

The US Copyright Board has become a puppet for the RIAA and are on course to dismantling independent internet radio. If you listen to any internet radio, please check out the following links:

Save Our Intenet Radio

Kurt Hanson’s Radio and Internet Newsletter

I had given up on radio for years, but then discovered Radio Paradise and Soma FM (among a few others) and rediscovered the joys of good radio programming, hearing a wide range of music and being exposed new musice. I could make all sorts of intellectual arguments about the Copyright Board’s decision, I could talk about how I have bought music because I have heard it through internet radio, but most of all, I would be really sad to see my favorite radio stations go away because of a boneheaded decision that benefits nobody but the RIAA.

Check out the links if you can, maybe sign the petition and drop an email to your congresspeople if you can. Thanks.

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