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If you haven’t heard of The Dresden Dolls, you are missing out on a great band. “The Dresden Dolls” (The Dresden Dolls) is an amazing album, sexy, strong, theatrical, and fun. While there is a tendency in the lyrics to veer toward a goth “pity-me” sensibility, the Dolls never go too far into that territory without a bit of irony and a Weimar-style smirk. “Yes, Virginia…” (The Dresden Dolls), their second album, doesn’t fire on quite as many cylinders for me, but has a couple of fun songs, including “First Orgasm” of the Day” and “Sing.” I have not had the opportunity to see them perform live, but from all the live videos I have seen, they are an awfully fun band live. I came across this great clip of them doing “Science Fiction Double Feature” from “The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975 Film)” (Richard O’Brien). Check it out and head over to YouTube for more great videos from their live shows . . . then, if you are interested, head over to the official Dresden Dolls site and buy their stuff.

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