Catching Up: Odds & Ends

The move is complete. We lost time last week because I came down with some kind of stomach bug that had me particularly nauseous for all of Tuesday and moderately nauseous Wednesday and Thursday as well. Saturday was a much longer day that we had anticipated because 1) we have more stuff than we realized and 2) when we moved into the old place, we did so in three distinct stages: all of J’s stuff was moved in by the time I got into NYC from VA, then after a couple of weeks settling in, we got J’s bedroom set and a number of other large items from her parent’s house in MA. What we didn’t do was add together all of those moves to create a realistic time frame of how long it would take. In the end, most everything came over on the truck (with two movers helping us) on Saturday and J & I went back Sunday with a cargo van to pick up the door that we are going to install as well as the rest of our odd and ends from the old place.

Currently, we are still in a bit of a shambles–which the cat absolutely adores because she has boxes to leap and plenty of nooks and crannies to explore and crouch in–but we will hopefully get everything to functional status by the end of the week.

I am working a temp job for American Friends of Magen David Adom – the American fundraising organization for Israel’s version of the Red Cross. This was the temp job I had before the Scenarios office manager and it is providing a decent wage. I’m working under a 1099 contract, however, and need to start putting some of these paychecks away for when the Taxman comes ’round next year. I guess, as I’m shifting to a more freelance footing, that I might need to look into filing quarterly . . . but that will be tabled for the next month or so. This job should last for another month or so before I need to look for other employment. In the meantime, once the apartment is in order, I will be working on a business idea that I have started to develop, looking for some theatre sound design work, starting to develop a new blog that will focus on reviews and critiques of the arts and popular culture, and continued work on the novel that was supposed to have been written during November. I have written about 8000 words of that and have only 42,000 to go!!

On this day..