4 thoughts on “I Voted

  1. I voted, but I really feel it was a waste of time. Almost everyone was running unopposed. I really want to run against Eleanor Holmes Norton, not because I want to be in Congress, but damn it, I want someone to run against that woman!

  2. Can I be a speechwriter for the Jo Cose Campaign? Or Chief of Staff or something cool and “West Wing-ey” (I’m sure you’ll just love that improvised adjective).

    Seriously, if you run for office I would totally love to work your campaign.?†And?†I?†promise?†that?†I?†will?†stop?†making?†nouns?†into?†other?†forms?†of?†speech.

  3. I did not vote. Not sure if that makes me a terrible American, or just an average one. There are lots of reasons that I didn’t vote, and all of them can be found on the Maryland/Anne Arundel County Ballot.

    sigh Is it November of 2008 yet?

  4. Diana – I still love you and no, I don’t think you are terrible. I have not voted in the past. Often times my non-votes were concious decisions on my part because I felt (and in some ways still feel) that our very political structure creates politicians who are already bought and sold by the time they arrive in office. I think I have decided that from now on, even if I don’t like any of the main candidates, I will probably take the time to cast votes for third parties like the Green Party or the Socialist Workers party simply to express my support for third parties. The US will be a stronger country when we can break the two-party system that has maintained dominance for far, far too long.

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