Getting people to vote is only the beginning . . .

As it seems that actually counting the vote is going to largely a matter of guesswork and doubletalk. As companies install unsecure and glitchy voting machines in many parts of the country, we will no longer be able to have accurate voting records. Check out these links for more info on what’s going on and check your voting area to find out what kind of machines you will be using and what the problems with those machines might be.

Jon Stokes has a useful article on Ars Technica:
How to steal an election by hacking the vote : Page 1

CNET covers some of the issues involved in their 11/02 Buzz Out Loud Podcast:
11/02/06 – Vote for Paper

Rebecca Mercuri, Ph.D. covers a number of issues and problems with electronic voting over at
Electronic Voting

A documentary about Electronic Voting is showing on HBO:
Hacking Democracy

Finally, has a great state by state guide to e-voting issues.
E-voting state by state: What you need to know

If you know of any other good links about this issues or discover any in the next couple of days, please post them in the comments section. Let people know about these issues and make sure you note only vote, but that your vote is actually counted!!

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