3 thoughts on “Sunday Sessions – Song 5

  1. Just me being anal, but this should be track 6, and the other 5 were just “Sunday Sessions” not “The Sunday Sessions.” (It just creates a new album).

    I like the acoustic. Did you use the pickup or just an open mic?

    I like the line about melting snowmen!

  2. Thanks for the archival note Jo Cose – the tags are fixed on the file. Also, you are correct, this song was recorded with a mic instead of using a pick up on the acoustic. I think it sounds better, creating a fuller sound than the direct line in.

  3. Sorry to be so anal 🙂

    You’re right about the geetahr. I definitely like it better in this one…has more of a folk feel…you can actually hear the strum…I think that that is what I don’t like about electric ones, you can’t really hear the left hand slide or the strum.

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