View from the Gowanus


J & I went canoeing this afternoon. Canoeing on the Gowanus, or, as calls it, “an incredibly dirty body of water located in the heart of Brooklyn.” Yes, how scary is that. Actually, the next picture captures the greenish tint of the water (and not a good greenish tint at that!) a bit better:


The canoe was provided by the Gowanus Dredgers Club and we were on the water for only about 30 minutes. The canal cuts through industrial buildings, so you could almost imagine it was a post-apocalyptic journey through the ruins of humanity.


Still and all, it felt great to be back in a canoe again – I really did love canoeing when I was a teenager. The Dredgers Club is doing a canoe trip out to Governor’s Island on Sept. 2 that I am thinking of doing, but I also need to get out of the city and do some canoeing or kayaking outside of an urban, dirty, polluted area!

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